Community Media Working Group Policy Proposals

Nov. 24, 2015
Community Media Policy Working Group, based on survey respondents' proposals

Policy proposals for community media in the digital environment, generated by the Community Media Policy Working Group based on the survey conducted among > 400 community media practitioners in August and September of 2015, and on focus groups held in September and October of 2015, as summarized in the report "Community Media in the Digital Age: Relic and Renewal?"

The proposals aim to close the gap between actual practice and conditions 'on the ground' in Canada, as articulated by survey respondents, and the Values statements developed in response to the survey and focus groups. The proposals are in blue, following each value statement in black.

Also attached are the notes captured by Alysia Lau recording feedback to these proposals by participants of the third day policy forum held on November 24th at the Community Media Convergence. Typos in the docoument have not been corrected. Her notes are shown in green.