NOV. 22 | 11h15 Community Media and Open Governance | Les médias communautaires à l’appui de la transparence des gouvernements

1) Dorothy Henaut: The Government of Newfoundland wanted NFB to make a film to convince residents of Fogo Island to move off the island. Instead, the film the NFB made helped scrap the resettlement program. How often does government funding or support come with strings attached and how can community media practitioners resist this?

2) Alex Jansen: He mentioned that there’s a lack of understanding among certain segments of the public and within government about the relevance of video games as a medium. Is our ability to use public policy to help realize the potential of video games hindered by a misunderstanding of this powerful medium?

3) A journalism student asked about gender balance in CJSE's news stories. How do we ensure community media organizations are equitable and inclusive?