Canadian Association of Community Television Stations and Users (CACTUS)

CACTUS was created to ensure that Canadians have access to media literacy training, production support, and distribution of their messages, stories, and programs on mainstream media platforms, as is provided for under the Broadcasting Act. Historically our focus and the focus of our members has been on the production of video for television. In the digital environment, our vision is that all Canadians should have access to a community-access media centre where they can learn the latest media tools, obtain guidance and production support, and get their messages out, regardless of medium. In this important work, we collaborate with many other associations and organizations with a common interest in promoting community media and democratic discourse.

We are proud to be organizers of ComMedia 2015, and to create an opportunity for community media practitioners from all community media to come together with researchers, government agencies and other stakeholders interested in community media. We believe it is an historic opportunity to share best practices, new approaches, and to brainstorm new policies to support community media in the digital environment. In an environment of intense media ownership concentration and globalization, we believe the ability to find and express the 'local' is more important than ever.