About the Community Media Convergence

The Community Media Convergence is the first national professional and policy development conference in Canada for community media practitioners from four sectors: community radio , community television, community online platforms, and video games with a social or local focus (sometimes called 'serious games').

Practitioners will be joined for three days by academics interested in alternative and community media, government agencies whose policies impact community media, other associations and individuals interested in building democratic media institutions, and media industry associations and professionals interested in the complementary role that community media play with respect to conventional media.

The forum will take place November 22-24, 2015 at Carleton University.

The CMC has two goals:

  1. to build professional and sustainable community media practices for the digital age; and
  2. to explore the pros and cons of a more integrated approach to community media policy in the digital environment.

The CMC will enable community media to flourish by increasing the capacity of individuals, activists, journalists, not-for-profits, libraries, small businesses, First Nations, third-language communities, and local governments to create, distribute, fund, and archive community media.

The first two days of the CMC will offer professional development and skill sharing workshops, to develop cross-media capacity in the digital environment. For more information, see our Program page, here [link]. The third day will be a policy development forum, in which participants will have the opportunity to refine a policy proposal to be presented to the CRTC, the Ministry of Canadian Heritage, and Industry Canada, all of whose policies impact community media in our country.

Tabling and Technology Fair

A tabling & technology fair will accompany the CMC, featuring demonstrations by technology companies supplying low-cost community solutions for radio, TV and online media; and tabling by government agencies, educational bodies, and other organizations with a stake in community media.

Evening Screenings and Media Festival

Evening Screenings and a Media Festival will showcase community media productions and achievements.

Remote Participation in Conference

Sessions will be streamed live, to enable remote participation. Community license-holders will be invited to play the streams live, available nationally on Bell ExpressVu, on the FM dial, via the Internet, and archived on the conference web site.

Language Accommodation

The workshops and policy development assembly will be facilitated in French and English with simultaneous translation.

Participating Organizations

The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations (CACTUS)

School of Journalism and Communications, Carleton University

School of Communication, Simon Fraser University


Fédération des télévisions communautaires autonomes du Québec

The National Community Radio Association

l'Association des Radios Communautaires du Canada

The Ruth and Henry Good Fund for Social and Environmental Justice

CWA/SCA Canada, Canadian Media Guild

rabble.ca, The Media Co-op

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Public Interest Advocacy Centre

Ministère de la Culture et Des Communications, Québec

National Film Board of Canada

Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA/AAMI)

The Department of Canadian Heritage

The workshops and policy development assembly will be facilitated in French and English with simultaneous translation.

For more information, please contact Jessica Wind at 613-883-0698 or by email at Jess@ComMediaConverge.ca.