Community Media Festival


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The Community Media Convergence included three nights of exhibition of exceptional examples of community media that either:

  • push the boundaries of interactivity, the use of new media, and multiplatform expression
  • facilitate processes of change or have significant impact in their community of origin


The CMC Festival was held at Carleton University:

Sunday November 22nd

Historical and International Perspectives on Community Media Works included:
  • The National Film Board's Challenge for Change stream of filmmaking
  • Extracts from the series My TV, Your TV, Our TV, about community TV around the globe
  • Community radio retrospective

Monday November 23rd

The Future of Community Media? Works included:
  • Showcase of 'Serious' or 'Educational' Games:
    "Pipe Trouble"
    "I Get This Call Every Day"
    "Fort McMoney" ... and others
  • Headlines Theatre Interactive Theatre Production
  • "The Community Media Centre of the Future?"

Tuesday November 24th

ComMedia 2015 Festival Prize Winners

Entries to the festival included radio, video, online (print) media and games. Many were mixed media. To view the full list of entries, click here.

The winners were:

  • Best entry to galvanize community action was sponsored by ACTRA: Live from the Quebec Maple Spring by CUTV of Montreal.
  • Best use of interactivity to solicit audience participation, sponsored by the Federation des television communautaires autonomes du Quebec: Jane-Fince.comby Paul Nguyen of Toronto.
  • Best programming strategy to reach out to marginalized audiences, sponsored by the Community Radio Fund of Canada: Welcome to Regent Park Focus! by Regent Park TV in Toronto.
  • Biggest impact on a community due to a program or program stream, sponsored by CACTUS: by Paul Nguyen of Toronto.
  • Best collaboration with local business to promote local development, sponsored by The Community Radio Fund of Canada: Debajehmujig Storytellers Tour by Wiky TV5 of Manitoulin Island.
  • "Out of the Box" prize for experimental narrative approach, sponsored by SAW Video: Live from the Quebec Maple Springby CUTV of Montreal.
  • Best storytelling in any medium, sponsored by the CMPA: Maladjusted by Theatre for Living of Vancouver.
  • Audience favorite, be determined the night of the festival and sponsored by Avid: Live from the Quebec Maple Spring by CUTV of Montreal.

For more information about the Media Festival, please contact Deanne Pittman, the Media Festival coordinator at