Media Festival Entry Form

To enter please provide a web link for your production. If you are unable to provide a URL, please contact to discuss alternatives for submitting your entry.
Please indicate the category you would like to enter. A single title may be entered in more than one category (check boxes). An audience choice award will also be determined the night of the festival.
Description of your production for the festival program (maximum: 50 words).
Tell us how you created and distributed multiple media types in order to engage the community around a particular issue. Please explain the logic behind your multimedia approach and the overall impact it had. For example, did the different media types enable you to engage different segments within the community? Did they enable you to solicit different kinds of interaction and community feedback about the issue? (When asked to provide a URL where judges can access your media, make sure the URL provides access to the multiple media that were part of your approach.)
Tell us how you used interactive program elements to engage your audience and the community in an issue.
Tell us how you designed an outreach or program strategy to reach a marginalized or underserved group in your community (either as an audience or in the production process). Please explain any aspect of the strategy that is not self-evident from the media itself.
Please tell us about the impact of a particular piece of media or media strategy in your community. What change was brought about that would not have occurred without this media? Why was the media important for the community?
Businesses often use community media as an advertising outlet in the traditional commercial model by airing 15-, 30- or 60-second ads. In this category, the judges are looking for more innovative examples of partnerships between community media and local business that build positive long-term relationships between the business and community members, which work to promote development within the community, or which demonstrate informative packaging of information about businesses in the community that serve rather than manipulate or interrupt an audience's experience of programming. Tell us how your community media organization, a particular piece of media, or media strategy builds positive and innovative partnerships with local businesses that transcend the traditional model.
This category recognizes novel and creative narrative approaches to a topic. How does your content push the boundaries of its medium? How does your content encourage audiences to think about your chosen medium in new ways?
This category recognizes excellence in storytelling within your medium. The content should stand alone, but feel free to provide us with any background that you think the judges might need to understand your aims, or anything exceptional that you would like to share about the production process.
Please enter the submission length in time or word count.
Tell us anything else we need to know to play back your production. For example, if a URL provides a link to multiple productions, tell us which to consider or how they work together.
There will be laptops available at the convergence for attendees to view festival entries. Workshops and the evening festival program will also be streamed and broadcast on participating community media platforms including radio and TV. In entering the Community Media Festival, you agree that your submission may be viewed, streamed, and broadcast during the three-day convergence, and included in the archival record of the convergence for download on demand.
Please contact Deanne Pittman, the Media Festival coordinator at if you have questions or for more information.